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11x11 football manager

11x11 online football manager game with 2d viewer
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11x11 is a free to play football manager game. Here you play online against other real users from all around the world. Watch all your matches with the 2d viewer, this way you can actually see how your team is performing on the pitch. You don't need to download anything, you can play 11x11 with your internet browser.

In 11x11, you start your career as a football manager at level 0, you are promoted to level 1 after you play three games and you'l get some money to invest in your football team. At the beginning, you only have the choice to play friendlies and tournaments. To participate in the championship, you need to reach level 4. To advance more levels you need to play and win friendlies and tournaments. 

In 11x11 online football manager you can play unlimited matches everyday, friendlies or tournaments games. Manage training, buy or sell players on transfers market, build your stadium and club infrastructure to earn more money, hire staff and more. Set your line-up, tactics and team orders and then watch the game with the 2d match viewer.

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